Sepsis 2020 Videos

Sepsis 2020 Videos

Sepsis 2020 was a 2 day virtual meeting.

Program Chairs were John Marshall, Canada and Christopher Seymour, USA

Day 1

Sepsis 2020- Day 1: Welcome Mervyn Singer, and plenary : Maladaptive host response in sepsis and COVID-19 Kenneth Baillie

Sepsis 2020- Day 1: Topic 1: Sepsis Now: what to do first? Chair- Christopher Seymour, US. Speakers- Matthieu Komorowski, UK, Nathan Shapiro, US & Erin McCreary, US

Sepsis 2020- Day 1: Topic 2: Around the World– Chair- Flavia Machado, Brazil; Speakers- Kristina Rudd, US, Jorge Salluh, Brazil, Emmanuel Nsutebu, UK

Sepsis 2020- Day 1- Topic 3: Back to basics, Chair- John Marshall, talks by Glenn Hernandez, Chile, Michael Bauer, Germany, Matteo Bassetti, Italy and Erin McCreary, US

Sepsis 2020- Day 1- Topic 4: New Science in Sepsis: what clinicians need to know. Chair- Mervyn Singer, UK. Speakers: Also Fox-Robichaud, Canada, Bas Haak, Netherlands & Robert Dickson, US

Sepsis 2020-Day 1: Topic 5: Harnessing the immune system for good.  Chair- Manu Shakar-Hari, UK. Speakers- Fabienne Venet, France, Tom van der Poll, Netherlands, Sarah Sasson, Australia

Sepsis 2020 -Day 1- Topic 6: Fixing sepsis takes a team.
Chair- Nathan Shapiro. Speakers- Orlaith Staunton, US, Jeremy Kahn, US, Deena Costa, US & Robert Quinn, US

Sepsis 2020- Day 1- Topic 7: Sepsis myths:don’t believe everything you learned.
Chair: Christopher Seymour, US. Speakers: Brendon Scicluna, Netherlands, Thierry Calandra, Switzerland & Toe Coe, US

Sepsis 2020-Day 1 – Plenary lecture from Fernando Zampieri, Brazil- Is the time to antibiotics more important in sicker patients?

Day 2

Sepsis 2020- day 2: Welcome and plenary: Living with COVID: A view from the Campus
Speaker: Preeti Malani, US

Sepsis 2020 Day 2: Topic 1: Insights from genetics and epidemiology
Chair: Kenneth Baillie. Speakers: Mervyn Singer, UK, Kenneth Baillie, UK, Maurizio Cecconi, Italy & Flavia Machado, Brazil

Sepsis 2020 Day 2- Topic 2: COVID treatment: Old, new, or somewhere in between?
Chair Joost Wiersinga, Netherlands. Speakers: Hallie Prescott, US, Joost Wiersinga, Netherlands, Anthony Gordon, UK & Bryan McVerry, US

Sepsis 2020 Day 2: Topic 3: COVID outside the lung
Chair: Michael Bauer, Germany, Speakers: Sherry Chou, US, Frank van de Veerdonk, Netherlands, Ryan Zarychanski, Canada & Adrienne Randolph, US

Sepsis 2020 Day 2: Topic 4: Corticosteroids for COVID: Who, what, and what and when?
Speakers: Kenneth Bailie, UK, Srinvas Murthy, Canada, Lennie Derde, Netherlands

Sepsis 2020 Day 2: Topic 5: A failed stress test?
Chair: Fernando Zampieri, Barzil. Speakers Petra Dickmann, Germany & Paul Young, New Zealand

Sepsis 2020- day 2: Topic 6 and Closing Remarks: Lessons learned from 6 months of COVID science  Speakers: Christopher Seymour, US, Howard Bauchner, US & Steve Webb, Australia