Other ISF Events

ISF has held joint sessions with the following societies:IMG_0615

SCCM – 1999-2010
ESCMID – 2002-2018
ESICM – 2005-2018
ICS – 2010-2018
LASI -2015

Other ISF Sessions:

ISF Session at the 9th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, August 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1st International Sepsis Forum on Sepsis in Infants and Children:This closed meeting was organized by the Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigative (PALISI) network and the ISF. It was sponsored by the Mannion Family Fund, The Center for the Critically Ill Child, Division of Critical Care Network, Children’s Hospital Boston, The Palisi Network and the ISF. September 2004. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 2005 Vol.6/no.3.S1-S164. Click here for downloadable articles.

Shock Society/ISF Symposium: A closed symposium jointly sponsored by the Shock Society and the ISF on the Translation Biology of Acute Illness: Pre-Clinical Models of Shock, Trauma & Sepsis. The meeting was held at Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 2004. Shock Vol. 24, Supplement 1, 2005

Consensus Conference on Infection Definitions in the ICU

Program Chairs: Jonathan Cohen, UK and Thierry Calandra, CH. This closed conference was held in Coral Gables, FL. Click here to view the program in PDF format. Consensus Conference Critical Care Medicine 2005, Vol.33/no.7. 1538/1548

ATS 2000,96th International Conference, Toronto, “Symposium: The Heart in Sepsis.”

American Thoracic Society (ATS) Critical Care Assembly Project, “Expert Workshop on Appropriate Use of Colloids in Medical Critical Illness.”

UK Medical Research Council International Workshop on Clinical Trial Design, February 2000, London, “How should we be designing clinical trials in sepsis in the critically ill?”

21st International Congress of Chemotherapy workshop 1999, “Trials and Serious Sepsis.”

UK Medical Research Council International Workshop on Severe Sepsis, 1999.